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We offer comprehensive financial advisor services in Boca Raton, FL, beginning with financial and retirement planning, to help you access the solutions you need to live your best life.

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Financial Planning

Retirement Planning

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Your connection with money is a result of your history and personality. You may be conservative, moderate or aggressive. You may be adventurous in life and conservative with money. No matter what your situation may be, we will work with you as your experienced financial advisor to design and implement the best plan for you.


Investment Management

It’s easy to feel confident about your financial future when the economy and markets are good. When the situation isn’t as positive, you may be tempted to react emotionally. Those are the times when carefully reasoned decisions by a seasoned financial advisor are the most important. We take the time to get to know you and understand your unique circumstances to create a plan that will help you achieve your financial goals and will keep you properly invested through all phases of a market cycle.

Building and preserving greater wealth requires careful and consistent tax planning throughout the current year and for the years to come. Some taxes can be deferred; others can be managed with tax-efficient investing. We can work with your CPA, or one that we can recommend, with the goal to minimize taxes from capital gains and income distribution plans; to make the most of tax-advantaged college saving and retirement accounts; and to create gifting and wealth transfer strategies to preserve your legacy.  


Financial Planning

At Valued Wealth Management, we focus on you. We take a client-centered, holistic approach to coordinate all the services you need to manage your money and create a plan to meet your family’s current and future needs. We’ll review all of your retirement plans and we’ll address college funding, if need be. Once we create a plan together, we’ll meet regularly to update your goals, review and rebalance your portfolio and determine whether additional services are needed. 


Retirement Planning

Retirement planning should be dynamic. Family situations change. Health issues may arise. Living costs fluctuate. Your projected financial needs in retirement need to be evaluated and addressed on an ongoing basis. And it’s important to plan for income distributions during retirement far in advance to maintain portfolio growth and minimize tax consequences. One way a financial advisor can help you do this is by segmenting your assets into safe, liquid short-term investments and long-term investments with higher growth potential.


Risk Management and Insurance

No matter how well you’ve saved and how well your portfolio has performed, events beyond your control could put what you’ve achieved at risk. We’ll help you develop a sound strategy to protect your family from potential events that could threaten your family’s financial security. Together, we’ll consider liability, disability, life and long-term care insurance, as well as guaranteed investments to create a strong base to protect your assets and your loved ones. 


Business Planning

We focus on the big picture for our small business owners. We have strong relationships with trusted attorneys, CPAs and pension specialists who share their valuable expertise with our clients. Together, we provide retirement planning, employee and executive benefits – from 401(k)s to pension and profit-sharing plans, multiple insurance products, succession planning and investment services.


Legacy and Estate Planning

It’s common to put estate planning off or to not update it when there is a change in your situation. It forces us to acknowledge our mortality and address conflicting needs within the family. We are experienced in guiding people to help them create the best plan to meet the needs of their families. We work with excellent estate planning attorneys who can help you work through the decision-making process to create documents that ensure your healthcare wishes are carried out and designate someone to manage your financial affairs if you can’t, and a plan to preserve your legacy and provide for your loved ones.


Education Financial Planning

Today, saving for both retirement and college can be more challenging than ever. In part, because people are living longer – which means more money has to be set aside for the added years you can expect to live. In addition, many parents are waiting longer before starting a family – and that means fewer years between their children finishing college and normal retirement age. Add in already high college costs and it becomes evident that, for most parents, saving for your own retirement and your children’s college education can be a daunting task to accomplish. However, with the help of a financial advisor and some careful planning, it is possible to take the sting out of college costs and save more for retirement.

Whatever your needs for a Boca Raton, FL Financial Advisor, Wealth Management or Investment Advisor, our Boca Raton offices are here to serve you.